DJ Roleplay

Those of you who align yourselves philosophically or otherwise with colloquial ‘geek culture’ may have found yourselves drawn to the worldwide Mecca of The Geek, the San Diego Comicon. Those of you on much, much tighter budgets may have settled for Sydney’s annual Supanova pop culture expo.
If you don’t like crowds, it’s possibly a nightmarish experience. However, the presence of genuine creators of all manner of geek ephemera make it a mighty enticing way to spend a day or two. Just be sure to partner up, and attend in costume if you can.
While a terrifying amount of unshaven, six foot tall, 20-25 year old men attend dressed as female anime characters, the sheer creativity on display is engaging enough on its own.
But even more awesome than the home made Iron Man suits that really light up, the full 14 Doctors running in packs, or the brave young men who attended in fully accurate 300 costumes (in winter), is when some enterprising souls choose to mash together disparate elements of their pop culture affections. That’s how you get this guy flying around:


I’m not sure whether to call him ‘Rockefett’ or ‘The Bobateer’…but I’m hiring him to capture Indiana Jones for me.


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