Get Rolled With the Fever on the Dance Floor…

“Everybody wants to Stay Alive.”

That could easily be the tagline for this entry into the fusion (or mash-up) category. It’s a funny branch of art – much like creating a tasty new dish, mash-up relies on mixing together complimentary ingredients in such proportions that result in something really special. Any cook will tell you that’s way more difficult than it sounds. As often as not, ingredients don’t match, or the quantities aren’t right, and the whole thing just falls flat. Any artist could share similar experience.

Sometimes, however, a strange kind of alchemy occurs. The ingredients seemed right at the start, but when put together the result is not entirely what was expected. The strange flavours don’t blend perfectly; the textures aren’t consistent – on the surface, a failure. But something about it still…works.

Hell’s Club is such an endeavour. Crafted by one Antonio Maria Da Silva, this ‘fan film’ is a composite of scenes from famous films – not all necessarily genre pieces – with the appearance that they are taking place in one, red-lit venue.
The editing is not seamless; the choices of characters don’t entirely gel; the ‘story’ is…we’ll let you decide for yourselves.
But there is no denying that Hell’s Club works. To return to the metaphor, it’s tasty.And for the nitpicking, the editing work is still of such a high standard that one can genuinely get lost in this club. Coupled with the seemingly endless mix of “Staying Alive” pumping through the speakers, this becomes one of those bites that stays in your head for days after you check it out.


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